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Rational Oven

Rational Commercial Combi Ovens Australia

Rational Oven - Rational iCombi Pro iCP,  Rational iCombi Classic iCC also you can't go past the Rational Vario multi-functional cooking appliance... Read More

Rational iCombi Classic

The iCombi Classic is truly multi-talented, and will quickly become the indispensable assistant in your kitchen. It replaces numerous conventional cooking appliances on a footprint of less than approx. 1 m2, it is robust, high-performing, powerful and efficient. It is easy to use. The impressive functions guarantee high cooking quality. So that with your experience as a chef, you will always get the results you want.

Rational iCombi Pro

Forget space consuming cooking appliances and let the iCombi Pro do the work. In less than 1m², meat, fish, poultry, vegetables and baked goods are produced with efficiency and ease. The iCombi Pro can take up to 50% bigger loads than its predecessor, requires 10% less energy and saves 10% in energy whilst still delivery excellent and consistent cooking results.

Rational Vario-Cooking-Center

All in one unit, up to 4 times as fast and up to 40 % less power consumption. Thanks to the flexibility of the Vario Cooking Center, you can use it for diverse cooking methods and remain independent. It gives you up to 2 extra hours of valuable working time per day and enables you to cook for your customers at the highest level, without any supervision. The in-built cooking intelligence, heating up to 200 °C in record time and 40% more searing power make this possible. Cleaning time is also minimal as nothing sticks or overcooks. It works day and night for you and unproductive times are reduced to a minimum.

In pursuing this aim, RATIONAL Combi Steam Oven has concentrated on developing solutions that combine efficiency and simplicity, support creativity and variety and guarantee constant top quality. It’s why the company has – and will continue to have – the number one selling commercial combi oven on the market worldwide.

Need further info on any Rational iCombi Oven Models or if you'd like to Buy Rational Combi-Oven ask us about our mates rates and Rational iCombi Oven price.


How do I choose the right Rational combi oven for my commercial kitchen space?

Rational’s range of combi ovens has the perfect option for every kitchen. All you have to do is ask yourself the right questions — these include:

  • What will you be cooking and how experienced is your staff? This will help you determine whether you want a cheaper and less complex entry-level model or a top-of-the-line spacious Rational oven with all the accessories.

  • What is your kitchen’s output? Rational combi ovens come in all sizes and designs. A smaller cafe or a school canteen would be better served by a countertop model, while a large restaurant should invest in a larger model with up to 40 trays.

  • Where will it be placed? Measure the space you want to install your oven including any clearances surrounding as well as the entrance doorway for access to the kitchen — as Rational combi ovens come in one piece.

  • Which energy supply do you have? Choose an electric, LPG or natural GAS model that will work with your existing infrastructure.

What are the best selling Rational combi ovens?

Since there are so many Rational combi oven models, the best-selling list is always changing. Two lines we strongly recommend are the Rational iCombi Classic Combi Oven ICC202 (gas or electric) and the Rational iCombi Pro Combi Oven ICP61 (electric or gas). These are some of the latest models and can produce meat, fish, poultry, vegetables and baked goods efficiently and easily.

What sets Rational commercial combi ovens apart from other manufacturers?

Rational is considered the world’s leading brand for combi ovens. This is because they only design and manufacture combi ovens — having a very specific focus that allows for innovation, quality and excellence in their range.

What after-sales services are available for Rational products?

Experience our exceptional after-sale services when you invest in a Rational commercial combi oven from Industry Kitchens. First of all, you can count on us to install your new Rational oven, ensuring it’s done correctly and that no warranty issues will arise later on. We also offer a long-term service plan to help you keep your Rational combi oven working smoothly. Choose from our complete range of Rational oven accessories & detergents to help maximise your new oven’s output and extend its service life.

How many years of warranty do Rational ovens come with?

When you buy a Rational commercial combi oven at Industry Kitchens, you are covered by an original manufacturer warranty, which insures parts and labour for 2 years.

Are product demonstrations available for the Rational range of products pre-purchase? 

Yes, we offer demonstrations on using Rational combi ovens. Contact our team to arrange one and find out more about the features and advantages of a Rational oven.


Have any other questions about our Rational combi oven range? Call us right now on 1800 611 058. If it’s outside of business hours, email us at [email protected] or complete our enquiry form online, and we will get back to you. We are more than happy to answer any of your questions, no matter how small.

Rational Oven

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Rational Combi Oven Range - iCombi Pro & iCombi Classic