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Commercial Pizza Prep Fridges

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Our Commercial Refrigeration range includes high quality & reliable Pizza Prep Fridges including Leading Brands such as Skope & Bromic. We also have an extensive range in the Sandwich Bar Fridges category.

Pizza Prep Fridges

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1 - 36 of 58

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The right prep fridge will help ensure your kitchen operates with maximum safety, comfort and efficiency. It enables you to provide quick and safe service by keeping all the necessary ingredients within easy reach and also offers a hygienic preparation area for assembling your pizzas.

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If you’re searching for a pizza prep fridge for your pizzeria, our team at Industry Kitchens can help. We’re proud to stock a selection of beautiful and functional pizza prep fridges guaranteed to meet your kitchen’s every need.

Be sure to also check out our sandwich bar fridges, sandwich prep fridges and upright storage fridges for other cooling and storing solutions for other food types. Whatever equipment you need, from large commercial pizza prep fridges to small upright storage fridges, you will find it at Industry Kitchens.


What is included in a pizza prep fridge?

Our pizza fridges provide the ideal space to prep your products, thanks to their wide benches, benchtop chilling space and ample refrigerated cabinet located under the bench. All of our commercial fridges are constructed from high-quality, easy-to-clean stainless steel and provide consistent cooling via fan-forced airflow and integrated cooling systems.

Many of our pizza prep fridges also come with other useful features such as:

  • Removable cutting boards
  • Removable insulated lids
  • Adjustable wire shelving
  • Bluetooth connectivity for safety monitoring
  • Interior lighting
  • And more

How do I choose a commercial pizza prep fridge for my kitchen?

When choosing a pizza prep fridge for your pizzeria or restaurant, be sure to consider the following:

  • Size — Determine the available floor space, the average number of pizzas you produce, and the number of ingredients that you need to store at a given time. Larger tables are ideal for high-capacity pizzerias with ample floor space, while 2-door pizza prep fridges offer a more compact workstation.
  • Temperature control — It is important to understand how your ingredients will be cooled. Many pizza fridges utilise fans to blow cold air over and/or under chilling pans and regulate temperatures. All of our prep fridges are designed to withstand high ambient kitchen temperatures, keeping your food safe and cool no matter how busy and hot your kitchen gets. Also, note that front-breathing models can help decrease wear and tear on your refrigeration system and require less clearance than models with side and back ventilation.
  • Price — We understand that a high-quality prep fridge can be a significant investment. That is why not only do we offer some of the most affordable pizza prep fridges in Australia, but we’re also happy to offer various finance options.

What different types of pizza fridges do you offer?

We offer a carefully curated selection of professional commercial pizza prep fridges from well-known brands like Skope, Bromic and FSM. Our fridges come in a range of sizes, from compact 2-door to expansive 3 and 4-door options.

Do you ship pizza fridges Australia wide?

Yes, we offer Australia-wide shipping — free of charge on most of our models! Learn more about our shipping and delivery guidelines online, or reach out to one of our knowledgeable professionals with your questions today.