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Misa M-3E24-F Freezer Room 3030 W x 2230 D x 2630 H (mm)


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Misa M-3E24-F Freezer Room 3030 W x 2230 D x 2630 H (mm)

MISA patented fast fit twin hook CAMLOCK system requires no sealants, so rooms can be easily assembled and disassembled.

  • MISA high density MSV patented polyurethane panel system, fire resistant, moisture resistant, HFC & CFC free.

  • Italian quality and design.

  • Right hand hinged door.

  • Operating temperature: -18ºC to -20ºC in 43ºC ambient
  • 3030 W x 2230 D x 2630 H (mm)
  • 10 AMP Single Phase

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Misa Premium Quality modular polyurethane Coolrooms & Freezer rooms for optimum efficiency, hygiene, flexibility and value. With the option of adding a Freeblock compressor plant to your coolroom for maximum efficiency & value. 

You can read further about Misa Modular Coolrooms & Freezer rooms Here.

  • Misa M-3E24-F Freezer Room Features:

    • Italian quality and design.

    • Right hand hinged door.

    • Patented MVS (MISA Vacuum System) high density isothermal polyurethane modular panel system for excellent insulation and greater energy efficiency.

    • MISA patented fast fit twin hook cam-lock system for quick and easy assembly and disassembly. 

    • MSV patented technology means no panel cutting, riveting or gluing.

    • MISA 100mm polyurethane panels are up to 50% more efficient when operating at 43°C compared to 75mm and 80mm EPS panel systems.

    • Easy to clean; internal and external rounded corners and unique integrated coving provides for superior food grade sanitation.

    • Shielded electronic controller with simple to use digital temperature display.

    • Roll-in Floor P400. Plastified galvanized steel finish thickness 0,7 mm antislip R9 (ISO 10545) with antibacterial treatment. Glued on a 10mm multilayer sheet, with wooden insert. Insulation with injected polyurethane D=40 kg/m3

    • Internal safety release and bells on door.

    • Hinged doors fitted with key locks.

    • ISO 9001 Certified Quality System.

    • Robust integral LED lighting to maximise product presentation while minimising energy consumption.

    • High ambient temperature, ideal for difficult climatic conditions
    • 3030 W x 2230 D x 2630 H (mm)

    Misa Cold Room/Freezer Room Assembly & Electrical Connection by others. Unit to be weather protected (indoor use) & installed on level surface.