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Catering Equipment Finance

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Try before you buy! Our finance solution offers flexibility, giving you the opportunity to test hospitality equipment.

Choosing the perfect commercial kitchen equipment can be a daunting task, given the plethora of options available in the market. What happens if your business scales up faster than expected, or pivots, warranting a different set of equipment?

The last thing you would want is to have your funds tied up in an expensive purchase or a long-term lease for equipment that doesn’t cater to your needs. Our unique Rent-Try-Buy option takes away this worry, offering a chance to test the equipment first, before making the commitment to purchase it.

How it Works

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EASY OWN* - If you want to work towards equipment ownership, take advantage of our Easy Own® product. Enjoy a 30% discount on your weekly payments on a 36 month contract or a 15% discount on your weekly payments on a 24 month contract.

Silver Chef's Rent-Try-Buy® funding solution has changed the game, allowing new or established business to procure equipment without having to make a large capital outlay. Instead of wasting your hard-earned capital on depreciating equipment and assets, you can spend it on things that grow your venture, like product development and marketing.

Coffee machine finance options - Can you lease a coffee machine?

Coffee machine finance options - Can you lease a coffee machine? Yes, there are many advantages of leasing coffee machines and this is true for all types of coffee machines.

There are many types of coffee machines in the market, each with their own features and benefits.

How does SilverChef work?

Unlike traditional lenders, Silver Chef offers hospitality businesses a unique rental solution. This involves leasing equipment upfront and then making weekly payments over 12 or 24 months. This lease to keep finance solution is a great way for businesses to upgrade their equipment without the high upfront cost.

SilverChef’s Rent-Try-Buy® solution is a 12 month agreement that lets you try before you buy commercial kitchen equipment and gives you five flexible options to choose from throughout the term of your Silver Chef Rental contract with your SilverChef dealer Industry Kitchens.

During your 12-month Rent-Try-Buy agreement, you have the following flexible options: 

  • Upgrade at any time. For example, if you outgrow your two-group coffee machine, replace it with a three-group and simply add the balance to your weekly lease to keep payments.
  • Purchase at any time. Once you know the equipment is right, you can purchase it outright with no penalty. In fact, you'll receive a 75% rebate on all your previous payments.

What can I finance with SilverChef?

Starting or growing a serious hospitality business means serious equipment and capital expenses involved - so SilverChef will finance most types of professional equipment and commercial hospitality equipment available from Industry Kitchens. And if you're starting from scratch, SilverChef can finance your complete fit-out, including custom stainless-steel fixtures and furniture.

Another cost-effective option is SilverChef's range of Certified Used equipment. SilverChef's Certified Used equipment comes from businesses like yours, who have returned equipment through our Rent-Try-Buy product. Most Certified Used equipment is less than 18 months old, has undergone a six-stage refurbishment process and comes with warranty.

SilverChef Calculator - What are my SilverChef funding costs?

Your Silverchef borrowing costs will change depending on your choice of Silverchef finance product.

There are currently four finance options;

  1. Purchase the equipment after 12 months
  2. Continue to rent
  3. Lease to Own
  4. Return the equipment

SilverChef Calculator

Can I upgrade at any time and return the original equipment to SilverChef?

Yes, you can upgrade additional equipment at any time during your Rent-Try-Buy term and return your old equipment to SilverChef.

  • This is particularly useful if starting out. You are able to undersize your hospitality equipment and upgrade to a larger item - like for like - if you need to.
  • The Silverchef upgrade feature is also useful for busy venues that schedule in annual updates of critical equipment. There are few things more frustrating for a hospitality business than dealing with out of warranty breakdowns and expenses.

What are the Benefits of SilverChef Rent-Try-Buy?

Some of the Benefits of Rent-Try-Buy are;

  • High approval rate. SilverChef will back potential and passion and look for ways to say 'yes'
  • Low weekly rental payments that preserve your positive cash flow
  • Unrivalled flexibility for peace of mind - you can upgrade or return your equipment if your needs change
  • 100% tax deductible payments*
  • Off-balance sheet funding doesn’t affect your borrowing ability*

After your 12-month agreement ends with SilverChef; what next?

After your SilverChef 12-month Rent-Try-Buy agreement ends, you can choose your option: 

  1. Purchase the equipment. If you know the equipment is right, you can purchase it outright and receive a 75% rebate on all your previous payments. You can do this at the end of your 12-month agreement, or at any time during the 12 months.Continue to rent. 
  2. Continue renting and keep your options open, while the purchase price continues to reduce with each weekly payment.
  3. Lease to own. Easy Own® lets you own the equipment in the most cost-effective way possible, and without eating into your working capital by purchasing outright. Enjoy a 30% discount on your weekly payments on a 36-month contract; or a 15% discount on your weekly payments on a 24-month contract. You'll own the equipment at the end of the term.
  4. Return the equipment. If you've decided the equipment no longer suits your needs, simply return it with no further obligation.

What do I need for a SilverChef Application?

As Industry Kitchens is a SilverChef Dealer you can be approved for up to $40,000 in less than 10 minutes.

Get pre-approved up to $65,000! Your application should only take about 3 minutes to complete.

To complete the SilverChef application you will need to have ready:

  1. Your ABN
  2. Your Drivers Licence
  3. Your Medicare Card

How to apply for a SilverChef Application?

Follow this link and apply online - It's Fast & Easy

You can be approved to shop at Industry Kitchens for up to $65,000 in less than 10 minutes.