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Unox Combi Ovens Australia

Unox Combi Ovens

Unox Australia has a vast array of Commercial Combi-Ovens including ChefTop, BakerTop, MindMaps One & Plus as well recent innovations such as Evereo & Bakerlux SPEEDPro. Read More Unox was incorporated in 1990 and breaks into the market of Professional Commercial Ovens with a product designed to bake frozen bread and frozen croissants without proofing. The new AIR.MaxiTM technology that guarantees uniform air diffusion using multiple fans, UNOX immediately established itself as a market leader.  Evero also by Unox is food preserving at service temperature. 

The new BAKERLUX SPEED.Pro is the first ever baking speed oven; the new BAKERLUX SPEED.Pro is the first ever oven that is both a traditional convection oven and an innovative speed-oven. The fusion of two state of the art technologies, combined to coexist in a multifunctional and versatile piece of equipment. Born to be doubly unique.


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What are the Unox combi oven's standout features?

Unox Australia combi ovens have several standout features that set them apart. Since its founding in 1990, Unox has been at the forefront of many innovations. This is most evident in their BAKERLUX SPEED.Pro, the first-ever speed baking oven. By incorporating the technologies of both a convection oven and a speed oven, the BAKERLUX is incredibly multifunctional and versatile.

And that's just one of Unox's ovens. Their oven categories include Cheftop for Gastronorm tray size cooking GN 1/1, Bakertop with a tray size of 600x400, Bakerlux & Bakerlux for small cafes and retail outlets. What most of their ovens have in common is their offer of cutting-edge features, including efficient fans, automatic built-in cooking programs, humidity control, user-friendly controls, multiple timers and automated built-in washing system.

How many years of warranty do the Unox ovens come with?

LONG.Life4 Unox offers you the possibility of extending the guarantee on spare parts - up to 4 years (Parts) or 10,000 hour’s usage and 2 year’s labour.This is the LONG.Life4 program, tangible proof of the quality and reliability of CHEFTOP MIND.Maps™ ovens. Activation of the LONG. Life4 guarantee is simple. The PLUS models are ready prepared for internet connection (Ethernet), Wi-Fi or 3G connection are available (Refer below for product codes and pricing. The CHEFTOP MIND.Maps™ ONE requires one of the dedicated kits and both can be registered on the Unox website. Kits for Wi-Fi or 3G connection are available. The UNOX oven must remain accessible for remote login by the UNOX Service team – Warranty conditions may be compromised if accessibility is not possible.Any additional costs for the installation beyond those provided as part of the UNOX LONG.Life4 Extended Warranty Program, is the responsibility of the customer.

The UNOX LONG.Life4 Extended Warranty Program does not include the following:

• overtime travel or labour. Warranty work is to be undertaken during normal business working hours.

• travel by UNOX service agent or its designee, beyond a fifty (50) km radius (one hundred (100) km round trip) of UNOX Australia or its designee’s office;

• any work or costs associated with moving the equipment within 1 meter of the final installed location

• special licensing or permits;

• unpacking, un-crating and removal of packing material of UNOX equipment - Unless engaging LL4.PLUS;

• removal and scrapping of old equipment

It is mandatory to incorporate an appropriate UNOX filtration system into all UNOX combi oven installations,to prevent any damage from the water quality supply to the oven. It is the sole responsibility of the owner/operator/purchaser of the UNOX equipment to verify that the incoming water supply is comprehensively tested and if required, provide a means of water treatment that would meet the minimum requirements with UNOX water quality standards, as outlined on the product specification sheet. Non-compliance with these minimum standards will potentially damage this equipment and/or components & VOID the original equipment manufacturers warranty and LONG.Life4.

What kind of commercial usages are Unox ovens suitable for?

Unox ovens are suitable for use in all industries within the hospitality sector. With their versatility, efficiency, and space-saving design, they're a fantastic choice for restaurants and cafes of all sizes. In Australia, Unox is also a trusted brand among those who do kitchen builds or interior design — because of their products’ premium appearance and superior performance.

What is the best Unox combi oven?

Unox's ovens all have their own unique features, but the Unox-XEVC-0711-EPRM is definitely one of their best. This 7-tray combi oven has everything you could ever need in a fast-paced commercial kitchen environment. It's incredibly spacious and multifunctional, allowing you to roast, grill, steam and bake bread with just one efficient product. The standout Unox combi oven is the CHEFTOP MIND.Maps PLUS, which offers a long list of impressive features. These include humidity and steam protection, four fan speeds with auto-reverse and pulse function, up to 10 timers and over 1,000 CHEFUNOX automatic cooking programs.

Are Unox ovens hard to maintain?

Not at all. In fact, Unox ovens are specially designed to be easy to maintain. Unox products come with a Rotor.KLEAN automatic washing system, which uses their unique DET&Rinse detergent to keep your oven nice and hygienic. Some newer models also come with an AUTO.Pure limescale filter, which automatically removes limescale from the water. Take advantage of these convenient features and products to maintain your Unox oven properly. Doing so will save potential maintenance costs in the future and improve its longevity.

If you have any other questions about Unox's combi ovens or any other product in our range, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly customer support team. You can reach out to us by calling 1800 611 058, emailing [email protected] or completing our enquiry form.

Can I use an Unox oven in my residential home kitchen?

Unox ovens can be used in a residential home kitchen subject to several factors. Generally only small electric Unox ovens are suitable for domestic kitchens.

Power Supply - Most homes only have 10 AMP power supply and therefore only a select few Unox ovens are suitable for domestic kitchens unless the power supply can be met.

Extraction - Subject to Council approval, ovens may require mechanical extraction in your kitchen. We recommend speaking to your council for approval prior to purchasing your oven.

What are the Unox Combi Oven installation requirements?

Unox Combi Oven Installation by an accredited installer Australia wide.

  • The ovens will require the following services in place prior to installation.

    A commercial canopy is required at the point of installation of the ovens, this is particularly important for gas ovens as the fumes can be dangerous to the health of your staff if not properly extracted.


    Water inlet:
    A cold water connection should be located within 1 meter near to or at the point of installation. The tap should have a ¾ inch fitting and the pressure should be regulated to between 250 kpa – 600 kpa


    A waste point should be installed behind the oven. (please refer to the UNOX installation document attached). For the 20 AND 40 tray floor model ovens the waste will have to be an in ground tundish waste

    Power Requirements:           

    You will need to have the appropriate power connections (isolation switches) installed within 1 meter of the installation point for the ovens to connect to. (please refer to the Spec Sheets).

    I would recommend having your electrician check to ensure that no upgrades are necessary to your switchboard, cabling and isolations switches prior to the new ovens being installed.


    Please note the oven comes standard with power cable only. The power cable does not come plugged but for an additional charge we can have the oven plugged for you. If you do not wish for the oven to be plugged then it can be hard wired to the power point.

    Water Treatment:
    If the chloride levels exceed the recommended tolerances of 25 parts/million. High levels of Chloride can cause corrosion in the oven if not treated with reverse osmosis filtration. The most economical solution is the BWT Compact RO system UXBA14-30,  which will require a 10am plug. It is capable of producing up to 120L/hour of treated water, enough water for two stacked ovens or one single floor model oven.

    Internet connection:
    The PLUS model ovens come standard (excludes ONE model ovens) with Wi-Fi connection capabilities so you are able to connect to your local Wi-Fi network. By connecting the oven to the internet, will then allow you to register and qualify for the Long Life 4 warranty online. T & C apply.

    LONG.Life4 Extended Warranty

    UNOX offers you the possibility of extending the guarantee on spare parts - up to 4 years (Parts) or 10,000 hour’s usage and 2 year’s labour.

    CHEFTOP and BAKERTOP MIND.Maps™ ovens can be connected by WI-FI, Ethernet cable or 3G/4G service.

    The UNOX oven must remain accessible for remote login by the UNOX Service team – Warranty conditions may be compromised if accessibility is not possible.

    Any additional costs for the installation beyond those provided as part of the UNOX LONG.Life4 Extended Warranty Program, is the responsibility of the customer.