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Modular Coolroom Kits

Premium Quality Commercial Fridges & Freezers.

Modular polyurethane DIY Coolroom Kits & Freezer-Room Kits for optimum efficiency, hygiene, flexibility and value by leading Misa Refrigeration. Our Misa Modular Coolrooms keep your foods at safe temperatures and fresh at all times. Modular Coolroom Kits.

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Modular coolrooms are the future of refrigerated storage. If your business premises don’t already have a built-in coolroom, they are an affordable, quick and convenient solution to your refrigeration needs. Instead of spending a considerable amount of money and time building a coolroom or renting a refrigerated shipping container if you are only leasing, you can install a modular coolroom in almost any location. That is why modular coolrooms are becoming sought-after and increasingly popular.

At Industry Kitchens, we only stock top-of-the-line kitchen equipment, meaning you’ll find SKOPE’s Misa coolrooms products. Available in a variety of sizes and models, you are bound to find what you are looking for in the Industry Kitchens range of coolrooms for sale online.


Are modular coolroom kits difficult to assemble? 

Not at all. All of the coolroom kits for sale at Industry Kitchens can be assembled in a matter of hours by yourself or an approved installer; however you’ll need a qualified electrician. Contact us to find out more about the installation service we offer.

What types of commercial kitchens are modular coolrooms suitable for? 

Thanks to their ease of installation, various sizes and several other advantages over other forms of refrigeration, modular coolrooms are suitable for any commercial kitchen, whether small or large.

What are the benefits of choosing a modular coolroom over other types of refrigeration in a commercial kitchen?

Modular DIY coolrooms offer a wide array of benefits, including:

  • Flexibility — As your enterprise grows, you can adjust its size to your new business needs. You can also take your modular coolroom with you if you change premises.
  • Ease of installation — Quick and convenient to install, modular coolrooms can be up and running in a matter of hours. Misa coolrooms don't require a plumbing waste point.
  • Fully compliant — Misa products respect all the Coolroom Australian standards regulations.
  • Quality finish — Instead of inheriting an old refrigeration room, you can enjoy a brand-new, strong and durable solution made from the best materials including polyurethane panels and with the latest freeblock compressor technologies.
  • Affordability — Between building a refrigeration room, hiring a refrigeration shipping container and buying a modular coolroom kit, the latter is easily the cheapest option.

Why should I buy a commercial DIY coolroom from Industry Kitchens?

If you want expert advice from industry professionals who know their products well and truly understand your business needs, choose Industry Kitchens. We know our range of commercial cool rooms inside out and can guide you through the whole process. From site visits to delivery, assembly and maintenance, we take care of everything while you stay focused on running your business. 

How many years of warranty do your modular coolrooms come with?

All modular coolrooms for sale at Industry Kitchens come with an original manufacturer warranty.


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29 Item(s)