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Claim Your Government Rebate For Energy Efficient Fridges & Freezers


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Thanks to the Government Energy Saver Incentive Schemes, such as the Victorian VEEC, businesses have received access to substantial financial incentives on High Energy Efficient Refrigerated Display Cabinets (RDCs) including cake displays, glass door fridges, bar fridges and many more.

Simply browse the list on your right to view all eligible models. Slash your electricity bill and claim an incentive towards your purchase.

The size of the rebate depends on the rebates program in your region and the model of fridge you purchase.

How does the Energy Incentive Program work?

You can claim your incentive through our partners. They have been accredited by your relevant State Government to provide energy saver incentives to consumers in turn for consumers purchasing eligible energy efficient appliances. The incentive claim process is straight forward: We offer a point of sale discount for eligible fridges & freezers which can mean in many cases you can have a quality new fridge which the Victorian Energy Upgrades incentives can cover part of the cost of the replacement fridge.

Inappropriate conduct for this activity may include, but is not limited to:

  • installation of RC units at businesses that have no pre-existing need to display or store food and/or drink
  • installation of multiple RC units without the need for that amount of storage capacity 
  • installation of RC units that are not fit for purpose 
  • replacement of domestic refrigerators and freezers with RC units where a domestic refrigerator or freezer would be better suited (e.g. break rooms or offices).

Completing an RC activity in this manner is unlikely to result in a genuine reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, impacting on the objectives of the VEU program.

Which Australian States have an Energy Incentive Program?

Currently, New South Wales, Victoria & South Australia all have their own versions of Energy Efficiency Incentives; some states have more than one incentive running at the same time.

What is an Energy Incentive Program?

Energy Saver Incentive program creates opportunities for you to upgrade selected products and appliances at a lower cost. With more energy efficient products, your energy use should drop, potentially leading to savings on your energy bills

What is the NSW Energy Savings Scheme (ESS)?

By 2030 Australia has committed to reducing its carbon emissions by 65%.


To this end, electricity retailers have mandatory emission reduction targets to meet. If electricity retailers cannot meet the targets naturally and through their own operational changes, one of their options is to purchase Energy Saving Certificates (ESCs) to offset their emissions.


ESCs are the trade able currency of the Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) which creates financial incentives for organisations to invest in energy efficiency technologies.


The Independent Pricing And Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) administers and regulates the Energy Savings Scheme.

They are the government body who assess applicants to become Accredited Certificate Providers (ACP). ACPs can create ESCs based on the energy savings, provided the saving is a Recognised Energy Saving Activity (RESA). The ACP must also be compliant with the rules and regulations of the ESS.

An ESC is a representation of carbon emission reduced by the implementation of energy efficient technologies and decommission of old technology.

Each ESC represents one notional megawatt hour of energy abated.

The ACP can reduce the cost of the technology to the end user in exchange for the ESCs created in the upgrade.

The ACP will then, provided that the technology upgrade is compliant with the ESS rules and regulations, exchange the certificate to recover the cost of the upgrade.

What is a Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificate (VEEC)?

Reducing Australia's carbon emissions by 65%.

To achieve this target Victoria introduced the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Scheme (VEET). The VEET Scheme is designed to make energy efficient technologies more obtainable to Victorian businesses and households.


Under the VEET Scheme Victorian large energy retailers have been placed with an energy liability.

One option they have to counter this liability is to surrender Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEEC’s) in a year.

The relevant entities can either create or purchase VEEC’s to counter energy liability.

The Essential Services Commission (ESC) administers and regulates the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Scheme.


It is the government body which assess applicants to become Accredited Persons (AP).     AP’s can create VEEC’s which are based on the energy savings created from upgrading to more efficient technologies provided the energy saving is a Prescribed Activity. The AP must also be compliant with the rules and regulations of the ESC.

A VEEC is a representation of one tonne of greenhouse gas abated, the reduction is created by implementing energy efficient technologies and decommissioning old technology.

What is the Small Business Energy Saver Program from Sustainability Victoria?

As a small business you can reduce your running costs and greenhouse gas emissions through the Small Business Energy Saver Program.

When upgrading to more energy-efficient equipment, the program provides small businesses with a significant discount that in some cases may cover up to 100% of the full equipment and installation cost.

We can work with you to identify which equipment in your business is eligible to be upgraded.

Who can apply

To be eligible, your small business must have:

  • 1 to 19 employees (full-time equivalent)
  • a commercial (non-residential) premises.

This program isn’t available for primary producers in agriculture.

If your small business operates out of rented or leased premises, you must first gain authorisation for installation activities at the premises.

Equipment upgrades

A range of equipment upgrades are eligible for the discount including:

  • Installing energy-efficient refrigerator display cabinets.
  • Installing energy-efficient fridges and freezers.

Victorian Energy Incentive Schemes

Subject to eligibility we're able to offer generous incentives from the Victorian Government; in some instances these incentives cover the entire cost of purchase. 

The Victorian Government has developed the Energy Saver Incentive program which creates opportunities for you to upgrade selected commercial fridges & freezers at a lower cost. Victorian Energy Upgrades can cover up to 100% of the cost of the product & $0 up front!

The VEECs can be claimed on any eligible fridge or freezer.

Are you looking to buy a refrigeration or freezer unit for your business? If so, you may be eligible for additional money back on your purchase with the currently available government green energy incentives.

Created as an incentive to encourage local businesses to purchase refrigerators and cooling units that are designed to be more ecologically friendly, the energy-efficient fridge rebate offers fantastic monetary benefits to anyone shopping for a new display or commercial fridge. Browse our selection of Energy Incentive approved refrigerators and freezers today and enjoy the benefits of choosing green appliances!


Are the Incentive Schemes subject to change?

The Incentive Schemes are subject to change & cessation without notice from the various Government bodies that oversee the rules, regulations and budgets of the Incentives.

Why should you buy a product that is eligible for the Energy Incentives scheme?

Created as an incentive for local business owners to purchase energy-efficient appliances, the fridge rebate program has helped many Australian business owners save money on this often expensive purchase. With rebates available on certain approved refrigeration and freezer units, there is no better way to improve your business’s carbon footprint, cut back on electricity bills, and receive a partial rebate on the total cost of the refrigeration unit. Specific rebate amounts are dependent on the price and type of unit purchased.

What products are eligible for the government rebate on fridges?

The Energy Incentives scheme was created as a rebate system for refrigeration and freezer products. At Industry Kitchens, some of our available cake display fridges, one, two, and three glass door fridges, commercial freezers, may be eligible for this rebate. For more information about our Energy Incentive approved refrigeration units, please feel free to contact us by calling 1800 611 058 or filling out our online inquiry form.

What brands are eligible for the Victoria and NSW fridge rebate?

At Industry Kitchens, we proudly sell high-quality refrigeration and freezer units that qualify for government green energy incentives. Always committed to providing our customers with the best, we only stock the best makes and models of the most popular refrigeration brands from around the world. Currently, we offer a diverse selection of Bromic Refrigeration and Skope Refrigeration appliances that meet the requirements of the fridge rebate program.

Are products sold by Industry Kitchens eligible for the government rebate for energy-efficient appliances?

Yes! As an Aussie-owned company, Industry Kitchens is proud to offer a diverse selection of Energy Incentive approved fridges and freezer units. Available with efficient and hassle-free delivery across the country, we want to help our local community members get connected to green energy products designed to have a positive impact on our environment and our wallets.

For more information about our available Energy Incentive approved products or for assistance with your online order, please feel free to contact us by calling 1800 611 058 or filling out our online inquiry form.