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Roband Milkshake Makers

Roband DM31 Milkshake Mixers are the ideal machine for making perfect thick-shakes or milkshakes every time. The Saturn Beater produces extra fluffy shakes using minimal ingredients, time after time. Merging style, power and performance these mixers are a must-have for cafes and fast food outlets. Available in six colours. Read More

Roband milkshake mixer colours:

DM21W White | DM21B Black | DM21R Red | DM21G Graphite | DM21S Seaspray | DM21M Metallic 

Milkshake Mixers

Milkshake Mixers

5 Item(s)

5 Item(s)

Roband DM31 Milkshake Mixers


What sets Roband apart as a commercial kitchen equipment manufacturer in Australia?

When it comes to commercial kitchen equipment, few manufacturers have a reputation as impressive as Roband. This family-owned Australian business has become famous for its excellent manufacturing and smart engineering. Their products are designed to be as functional and easy-to-use as possible, as well as made to last even when heavily used. At Industry Kitchens, we only stock the best commercial equipment, and this includes Roband Australia’s foodservice equipment.

Where is Roband foodservice equipment manufactured?

All Roband equipment, from small toasters to large fryers, is designed and manufactured in Sydney, Australia to the highest industry standards. By investing in Roband products, you are not only securing excellent quality equipment for your business but also supporting the local economy and reducing the carbon footprint of your kitchen.

What are the best selling Roband foodservice equipment products for commercial use?

Roband Australia has gained a national and international reputation for quality foodservice equipment designed for ease of use and maximum performance. The first product they ever designed was a milkshake mixer, and its latest versions the DM31 are still a best-seller item in their range. Nowadays, their collection includes all the kitchenware you will ever need, from commercial grill stations, pie warmers and bain-marie to smaller equipment such as heat lamps, hot plates and accessories. Our expert and knowledgeable staff are on hand to help you select the best products for your business needs.

What after-sales services are available for Roband products?

On top of the standard Roband manufacturer warranty, you can count on Industry Kitchens to provide support before, during and after each sale. From scheduling a regular servicing plan with us to using one of our financing options, we strive to do all we can to support you and ensure you are satisfied with your purchase.

How many years of warranty do Roband products come with?

When you purchase a Roband Australia product with us, you get access to the original manufacturer warranty. The standard cover is between one and two years. Specific warranty details and exclusions are included in the package with every product.

Are product demonstrations available for the Roband range of products pre-purchase?

Yes, they are. We encourage you to get in touch with us and talk to one of our friendly and helpful customer service representatives. We will be able to arrange a demonstration and answer any questions you may have on how the Roband product that you are interested in works, its best features and whether it’s the most suited to your needs.

Have more questions about our range of Roband Australia products? Call us on 1800 611 058 or fill out our online enquiry form — we are more than happy to answer any queries.